We Respect Your Online Privacy
Here we present the basics of our online privacy policy for your review.

Affiliate Disclosure
To conform with FTC requirements and program policy mandates, this site discloses that some of the hyperlinks on our pages may be affiliate links. Compensation may - or may not be earned if you opt to purchase products mentioned on our website. Primarily, were a member of the Amazon Afiiliate Program a means to earn revenue by featuring products for sale on Amazon USA, Amazon UK, and Canada. We may also participate in aff programs from other reputable sources such as eBay, Commission Junction or others.

We Do Not Collect Personal Information
There is no contact form on this site. It's not that we don't care about any concerns or questions you might have about some of the products featured on this website. But we're not in the business of trying to get you to sign up for or divulge anything about you personally - something which far too many other websites try to do within seconds of visiting.

No Email Address Wanted Or Needed
No explicit attempt is made to capture visitor information when visiting the site via forms or opt-in dialog boxes. You will not be prompted to disclose any personal information whatsoever, so a secure website server and HTTPS is not required in any way. Some of our website statistics software may gather rather innocuous data about website visitors such as time, pages visited, browser platform used, etc. But no personally identifiabe info is gathered or retained.

About Web Browser Cookies And Your Privacy
It's normal for web browsers to collect information as you surf the web and visit sites. The rules for browser cookie storage are under your absolute control via your web browsers Preferences. We recomend you review and inspect any cookie data that may already be stored and available settings.

This constitutes the essence of online privacy policy statement.