DIY Home Tooth Polishers

A unique line of home dental care products are now available for affordable in-home tooth polishing, stain and plaque removal. Hard to find at retail locations like CVS, Walgreens, WalMart and other storefront retailers, shopping for a battery powered electric home tooth polisher is best done online at eBay or Amazon where there's a reasonable selection of DIY dental polishers available.

Momi Dental Polishing Kit

The Momi Tooth Polishing Set

Everything Needed In The Box

Or top recommendation remains the Momi Tooth Polishing set. It comes with everything you need: The polisher, replacement rubber polishing cups and pointed cleaning tips, mint-flavored gritty prophy paste and a pair of AAA batteries. It's ready to tackle tooth stains and built-up plaque right out of the box.

Dazzle Dental Polishing Set

Dazzle Luxe Battery Tooth Polisher Kit

Carry Kit With Polish Paste + Extra Tips

Similarly, Voilife's Dazzle at-home tooth polisher kit includes the dental polisher, replacement rubber cups, and 3 tubs of special whitening and polishing paste to help remove stubborn stains and plaque. You'll need to provide your own pair AAA batteries (we recommend long lasting Lithium cells) yourself.

Polish'D Dental Polisher

Low-Cost At-Home Tooth Polisher With Paste

With Alternate Pointy Tip Rubber Polisher

No frills, just the basics summarizes the Polish'D battery-powered dental polisher unit. It doesn't come with many extras, but for under $20 lets you get to work removing stains and whitening your teeth with the toothpaste or polishing paste of your choosing.

DenTek Dental Polisher

DenTek In-Home Tooth Polishing Set

With Extra Cups And Polishing Gel

The DenTek in-home teeth polishing set has been on the market a long time. Other than two AAA batteries, everything you need is in the box.

Other Tooth Cleaning Tools

Battery operated dental polisher tools aren't the only thing you'll want for truly comprehensive and complete at-home oral care. A range of other consumer products can help with complete cleaning, whitening and oral health maintenance.

Dental Plaque Removal

Opticlean InterPlak Dental Plaque Remover

Rechargeable With Spare Cleaning Head

For only around $20, The InterPlak is great at removing tooth stains and whitening teeth. With it's rechargable handle and small brush heads it's well suited for interdental cleaning and plaque removal.

Powered Dental Flossers & Irrigators

Handheld Rechargeable Water Flosser

With 4 Replacement Tips and Charger

Regular dental floss is great, and something everyone should have and use frequently. But for those with gum recession and pockets around the roots of their teeth, mechanical flossers or power irrigators can remove food particles and buildup by getting into and inbetween tight spaces within your dental arch.

Electric Sonic Tooth Brushes

Intelligent Sonic Electric Toothbrush

USB Rechargeable With 3 Extra Brush Heads

A modern era of electric - and particularly sonic toothbrushes can get you to a refreshing, higher level of clean. With replaceable heads, brushes that are worn and frayed can be disposed of. Rechargeable and cordless, they offer tangle free use, and charge while neatly stored in their base. Philips and Oral-B are the market leaders but they're VERY expensive with sonic brushes in the $75-$200 range. Above is a far more affordable alternative.

Tooth Stain Erasers

Sonic Tooth Stain Eraser

3-Different Erasing Tips + Battery

For truly stubborn dental staining - particularly for tobacco smokers and coffee drinkers - dental stain erasers can be a useful adjunct to your brushing, flossing, whitening, and polishing regimen. Much like pencil or pen erasers these gritty, rubbery erasers can be used to target stubborn stains adhering to the tooth's surface.Both manual and sonic erasers to remove teeth stains are available.

Stainless Dental Tools

Once only seen in a dentist's office, you can find surgical-grade stainless steel dental tools like mirrors, picks and scrapers readily available at retail and online. But do exercise caution here. It's far too easy to damage teeth with improper use, or risk oral infection from unsterilized dental equipment.

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